Q&A: West Virginia WR Kevin White

West Virginia receiver Kevin White is off to a terrific start in his second season in Morgantown, West Virginia. The junior college transfer leads the Big 12 with 19 receptions and has added 244 receiving yards and one touchdown. White is one reason the Mountaineers are looking like a team that could surprise in the Big 12 this fall.

He took a few minutes to chat with ESPN.com about last season, his chemistry with quarterback Clint Trickett and trying to avenge WVU's 37-0 loss to Maryland a year ago.

When you look back on last year’s performance, how do you view it?

Kevin White: Kind of terrible. I didn’t make the big plays I should have made, I was inconsistent, kind of lackadaisical. Last year was a disaster.

What was it specifically?

KW: Injuries. If I drop passes, I’m hard on myself. Making mistakes and we weren’t winning. Just everything.

With the dropped passes, was that something you worked on during the offseason, to try to make sure you maximized the opportunities you get?

KW: Definitely. [I focused on] staying consistent, catching as many balls as possible and staying focused.

With increased time with Clint, do you feel like you’ve developed that chemistry now?

KW: Me and Clint put in extra time in the offseason. We were in the film room a lot, so we’re trying to work on the little things so we can win some games this year.

It seems like he’s comfortable just giving you a shot even if you’re in a one-on-one situation and may look covered. Is that something you’ve talked about, or did that come naturally?

KW: It’s something we’ve talked about but also naturally. I want Clint to feel comfortable coming to me whenever he feels like I need to bail him out. I’ve told him I’ll make the play for him. I just want to continue to do that.

How do you feel you’ve played in the first couple of games?

KW: I’ve played well. I need to fix some things technique-wise, but as long as I keep working, everything will be fine.

Is this what you envisioned when you decided West Virginia was the place for you?

KW: Definitely.

Why West Virginia?

KW: I wanted to play for coach [Dana] Holgorsen in the offense he runs. It’s a great school, close to home. Everything was perfect.

You have a big game with Maryland this weekend, and I’m sure you don’t look back at last year’s game fondly. Where is the mindset heading into this one?

KW: We want to get after it. We want to embarrass them how they did us last year. We plan to have a different mindset going into this game.

Was this game in the back of your mind during the offseason?

KW: Yes. It was one of them. We want to play like we know we can.

OK, let’s end this with a couple finish-the-sentence questions.

My biggest pet peeve is ... Liars

If I’m not playing football you’ll find me ... with my family somewhere fishing or barbecuing somewhere.

My favorite thing about fishing is ... the feeling I get when a fish hits my line.

One thing I do that annoys my friends and family is ... laugh hysterically.

My best football memory is ... Baylor last year. That’s just my personal one. (WVU lost 73-42, but White had seven receptions for 130 yards and two touchdowns.)

Coming out of the tunnel for a West Virginia home game feels ... amazing.

The best cornerback I’ve ever faced is ... Jason Verrett.

If I could change one thing about college football I would change ... more money on scholarships.