Oklahoma teammates continue to bring music, smiles to children's hospital

Lately, you've heard plenty of bad news involving football players. How about a minute to recognize a pair of Oklahoma players who represent the good guys in this sport we love?

Each month, teammates Jed Barnett and Nila Kasitati visit The Children's Hospital at the OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City. To brighten the day of those in the hospital, it surely would be enough just to show up in their Sooners gear and talk a little football to the kids in this football-mad state.

But that's not enough for Barnett and Kasitati, who put their excellent music skills to good use and create some tunes in a hospital environment that doesn't often hear them.


And when we say excellent music skills, we're not just being generous. Check out the pair performing Maroon 5's "Sunday Morning," in a video posted by the mother of the child they are singing to. Kasitati's voice will brighten your day.

Post by Jessica Warner Harden.