Big 12 mailbag: Tiebreaker concerns, more predictions

In today's Big 12 Twitter mailbag, we discuss concerns about the Big 12's tiebreaker and title game plans and I make a few more predictions.

Here's what y'all wanted to talk about today:

@max_olson: He's referring to this discovery by a Reddit user which is making the rounds. I pulled out some paper and mapped this scenario out myself in an effort to better understand. And, I've got to say, it checks out. Which is mildly terrifying.

Under this very specific scenario that someone much smarter than me drew up, a team could clinch a Big 12 title with a 10-point victory but miss out on that title with a 17-point victory. Check out the Reddit post and the math to see how that works. (And if any of your readers are math geniuses, please let me know if you agree/disagree.)

Remember, scoring differential is not the first tiebreaker criteria used. But if it ever came down to this very specific outcome, the Big 12 would face serious embarrassment.

@max_olson: The SEC and Big Ten have title games and still only play nine. Several ADs I spoke with this week pointed to that inequity of eight-game conference schedules. Kirby Hocutt, in particular, told me he thinks it's sad that fans elsewhere are being deprived of more conference matchups. I wish nine-game schedules were the standard across the Power 5.

@max_olson: That was the million dollar question out of Phoenix this week. Why did Bowlsby reverse course after just one day of Big 12 meetings? I'd like to think he went into those meetings with clearer eyes on the topic, having had a few days to rethink after making his post-CFP meetings proclamations. He had more time to look over the data and realize the potential pitfalls of going back to a title game. I'm not sure the ADs had to change his mind. I think, with more digging, common sense was going to win out.

@max_olson: My top five at this very moment: Corey Coleman, Sterling Shepard, Josh Doctson, Jakeem Grant and KD Cannon. And I guess, right now, I would have them in that particular order. You could definitely convince me to rearrange them a number of ways. If it's surprising that I'm including Grant, I'd mention that he has more than 2,100 yards from scrimmage in his career.

@max_olson: Yeah, I mentioned this to Art Briles on Monday and we agreed that Goodley falling out of the draft was pretty surprising. I know he had injuries last season. I know he's built like a running back and doesn't fit the prototypical size the league is looking for. And his inconsistent hands are a concern. All that being said, I'd still be surprised if Goodley isn't a productive pickup this year.

@max_olson: Ask me this question one year from now. The Longhorns are going to be loaded with underclassmen in the two-deep this season and still probably need one more strong recruiting class to restock the roster. I think this will be a bowl-eligible team, but it might take a good win streak in the second half of the season to get there.

@max_olson: How's this? I do think Texas Tech can knock off Oklahoma State and Kansas State at home this year if they play their cards right and David Gibbs can get this defense rolling as the season goes on. Tech hasn't beaten K-State since 2009 and hasn't knocked off the Pokes since 2008.

@max_olson: Elite, huh? Well, they do have a lot of experience, with 16 returning players who have started and 10 who have double-digit career starts led by safety Karl Joseph (38) and linebacker Nick Kwiatkoski (24). They enjoyed some necessary consistency this spring, too, and thrived. With all the pieces they have back in the secondary, too, I think this WVU defense will give Big 12 offenses a much harder time in 2015.

@max_olson: Um, sir, I think you've wandered into the wrong mailbag...