Big 12 Tuesday mailbag: Oklahoma's title hopes, honors candidates at Kansas

In Tuesday's mailbag, we discuss Oklahoma's title hopes, Baylor's scheduling and Kansas' lack of All-Big 12 candidates. As always thanks for your questions. To submit questions for next week's mailbag, click here.

Bryan in Norman, Oklahoma, writes: If Oklahoma has solid quarterback play how far do you think they can go this year?

Brandon Chatmon: That's a big if, Bryan. But if the Sooners get quality play from the quarterback position, they can definitely insert themselves in the Big 12 title race. People forget the Sooners still have talent and were a play or two away from entering the 2014 matchup with Baylor unbeaten. Good, efficient quarterback play could go a long, long way for Oklahoma.

Bobby Cowles in Portland, Oregon, writes: In all of the controversy regarding the benefits/detriments of the Big 12 adding a conference championship game, it seems like people are forgetting a likely factor: the College Football Playoffs might very well expand to an eight-team playoff by the time the Big 12 is able to add a championship game. If so, how might that affect the championship game discussion?

BC: Hopefully it would end the desire to add a Big 12 title game. I think the Big 12 was smart in pumping the brakes on adding a Big 12 title game and don't see a reason to add one anytime soon. If the playoff expands to eight (although it remains to be seen how likely that is in the near future), there would be even less of a reason to add a Big 12 title game. Now that the Big 12 finally has One True Champion, let's see how it all plays out for a year or two.

Jack in Huntington Beach, California, writes: 'SC fan here. I am not a fan of lining up FCS schools on the schedule (something USC has never done, btw). But why does Baylor get so much flak for its out of conference schedule? They won maybe 3-4 games back in 2007 and 2008, which is when the 2014 schedule was made. I don't see LSU, Alabama or Mississippi State doing anything that is jaw dropping. All I see is Western Kentucky, Southern Georgia and FIU. What is with the double standards?

BC: Jack is speaking truth right now. And he's speaking to the choir. The uproar about Baylor's nonconference schedule hasn't been coming from me and I don't really understand it. If an undefeated Baylor got left out, then I could understand the uproar a little better but that's not what happened. Baylor is not the only team with a questionable nonconference scheduling stance but somehow they've become the signature program when it comes to questions about nonconference schedules. It's a good move for Baylor to start to challenge themselves out of conference but I don't see it as a must by any stretch.

Jeff in Jefferson City, Missouri, writes: I just looked at Phil Steele's four All-Big 12 teams on the blog. There are 112 players on those four teams, and only 2 of them play at Kansas! And they're both third-teamers. Are the Jayhawks really that talent-less? Could it actually be worse for them this year?

BC: David Beaty definitely faces an uphill climb as he tries to get the Jayhawks back on track. It's hard to look a Kansas' roster and find an All-Big 12 candidate, although linebacker Jake Love probably will make a strong case this fall. It's quite possible things could get worse, record-wise, for a Jayhawks team that had multiple NFL draft picks depart after a 3-9 season. It would not be wise to judge Beaty's first season on record alone because there are major foundational things he needs to address in Year 1.

Matt in Katy, Texas, writes: Odds of Texas Tech finally beating those Texas Longhorns this year? We haven't since the greatest catch ever made. But I think we will surprise this year and pull the upset. Thoughts?

BC: I don't see it happening. I'd feel better picking an upset if the game was in Lubbock. You could be asking a little to much for the Red Raiders to ruin UT's Thanksgiving, particularly since the Longhorns quarterback situation will likely be settled by then. I'd like Tech's chances if the game was earlier in the season.