Kramer: Big East in trouble

The Big East may have escaped this first round of expansion dominoes unscathed, but former SEC commissioner Roy Kramer thinks it's only a matter of time before the league dissolves.

Colleague Gene Wojchiechowski interviewed Kramer -- the man responsible for starting all this when he expanded the SEC to 12 and formed a championship game -- and got his take on the current expansion merry-go-round. Kramer is retired but is still very active as a consultant.

"If Nebraska goes it would be my understanding that Missouri would be not far behind," he said. If that happens, the Big Ten wouldn't stop there.

"Then they would have to look to the East Coast," he said. "Rutgers. Maybe Syracuse. But if you take one or two teams from the Big East, then you'll see the SEC and the ACC expand. … If the Big East were to lose two, three teams, then you'd see other teams in that conference looking for other places to land."

Kramer thinks teams like Kansas, Kansas State and Iowa State will head to the Mountain West, making that a major league.

"Then, depending on how the Big Ten plays out -- how they get to 16 -- you would have the possibility of the ACC and the SEC absorbing significant numbers of teams out of the Big East and we'd end up with five major conferences."

No one knows for sure how this will play out. But when a guy like Kramer talks, it's wise to pay attention.