Dion Lewis vs. Mark Ingram debate

In a little relief work for the vacationing Brian Bennett this week, I thought we’d take a closer look at the Mark Ingram vs. Dion Lewis debate.

Who’s better?

They’re a lot alike in some ways, but also have their differences.

The thing that’s most similar about them is the way they wear on a defense and rarely go down on the first hit.

From a pure numbers perspective, Lewis rushed for more yards. He had 1,799 to Ingram’s 1,658 and did it in one less game.

Ingram had a better yards-per-carry average. He averaged 6.1 yards and Lewis 5.5 yards.

Lewis had 10 100-yard games last season on his way to breaking Pittsburgh’s single-season freshman rushing record set by Tony Dorsett in 1973. Ingram had nine 100-yard games.

Lewis was second nationally to Stanford’s Toby Gerhart with 325 carries. Ingram shared the carries at Alabama with Trent Richardson and finished with 271 attempts.

Ingram faced seven of the top-26 ranked defenses nationally and averaged 148.6 yards in those seven contests. Lewis faced three of the top-24 ranked defenses nationally and averaged 150 yards in those three contests.

Ingram’s biggest game was a 246-yard outburst against South Carolina. Lewis’ high was a 194-yard performance against Cincinnati.

Ingram caught 32 passes for 334 yards and three touchdowns. Lewis caught 25 passes for 189 yards and a touchdown.

Just a few things to consider as we get set to watch two of the best running backs in college football again next season.