Thanks for the roses

The Big 12's offices in Irving, Texas, received a package on Tuesday morning as commissioner Dan Beebe was celebrating the Big 12's successful salvage project.

Ten red roses, 10 white roses and a card that simply read, "Unity."

The sender: Big East commissioner John Marinatto.

"The color combination signifies unity and 10 -- rather than a dozen -- represented the conference's new membership number," Marinatto told AOL FanHouse on Wednesday.

To me, roses seem a little out of place. I'd love an Edible Arrangement.

There's no question Beebe's efforts may have also saved the Big East. And it has to be comforting to know that not every other conference has eyes for the end of the Big 12.

With the Pac-10, Big Ten and the SEC all courting teams from the Big 12, for Beebe to say he felt "under siege" during a teleconference last week probably wasn't too strong of a word.

But like Marinatto, Big East fans must be at least a little thankful for Beebe's efforts. If you were Marinatto, what would you have sent Beebe? What should Beebe's thank you card read?

Send me your suggestions, and I'll run the highlights.