Highlights of Dave Wannstedt's ESPN chat

Pittsburgh has taken over Bristol, with Panthers coach Dave Wannstedt and star players Dion Lewis and Greg Romeus visiting the various ESPN platforms today.

Wannstedt participated in a live chat here on ESPN.com this morning. You can read the whole thing here, though you have to scroll through a lot of irrelevant comments. Here are a few highlights I took away from that conversation:

Tom* (parkville, md): Good Morning, coach. Would you be interested if the Big Ten wanted Pittsburgh to become a member?

Dave Wannstedt: We really didn't, from a coaches standpoint, give a whole lot of thought or alter anything we did for the 2-3 month period when all the discussion was going on. If there were to be a conference realignment down the road, it wouldn't change our approach to how we do things one way or another. It would really be almost a non factor to me personally.

CJ (Pittsburgh): Got to ask the Coach what he thinks of his nickname. You could be called alot worse things than 'the Stache'

Dave Wannstedt: Oh, you know what, I've been called a lot worse and will be. But I think that the students and some of the fans have some fun with it. If it's something that identifiable trademark, more power to it. Plus I hear that T-shirts and coffee mugs are going like hot cakes. So you better get one.

Pedro Salgado (Brazil): How is Greg Cross going to be used this year?

Dave Wannstedt: He's right now our fourth receiver. he was voted the most improved offensive player in spring practice. He will be graduating. I am so excited about Greg's senior year and how he's going to help the team.

B (Boston): Coach, what's the ceiling on what Dion Lewis can do this year?

Dave Wannstedt: I don't think he has to do anything more than last year. I think he has to be a consistent week to week performance, like last season. I don't think he's under any pressure to score more TDs or run for more yards. The key to his season will be consistency.

Dave Wannstedt: Now, I would take a few more touchdowns.

Greg (Boston): So in a few words, why is this the year this group wins its first BE title under you?

Dave Wannstedt: I think we have enough players on this team that feel we can win every week that we line up, if we play good enough.