Pittsburgh, Dave Wannstedt top player poll

Interesting findings from ESPN the Magazine's confidential Big East player pollInsider.

The players tabbed Pittsburgh as the team that would win the league this year, with 55.6 percent of the vote. Cincinnati was next with 22.2 percent, followed by West Virginia and South Florida, who tied for third with 11 percent.

Pitt's Dave Wannstedt was named best coach by the same 55.6 percent result.

"I don't know what kind of game-planner he is," says a rival lineman. "But I do know I would like playing for him. He coaches with passion."

Rutgers Greg Schiano received 77.8 percent of the vote when players were asked which coach they'd least like to play for. I don't get that. Is it because Schiano is viewed as a strict disciplinarian? His players almost all graduate, after all.

Dion Lewis made it a clean Pitt sweep by winning best player honors with 44.4 percent of the vote.

Syracuse got a mention as well -- for worst mascot.

"Most of the mascots in our league are pretty cool," he says. "But then Syracuse has a big orange blob walking around. I mean, what is that?"