Big East injury report

As part of the Big East's new injury reporting system, each team will list what players are probable, questionable, out or out for the season before each game. Here is the injury report for this weekend:


Out for season: Solomon Tentman, LB, Knee


Probable: Ryan Griffin, TE, Leg

Out for season

Marcus Campbell, DE, Knee

Geremy Davis, WR, Knee



Tim High, DT, Ankle

Pete Nochta, TE, Knee

Jeremy Wright, RB, Knee


Kamal Hogan, RB, Concussion

Chris Johnson, DL, Ankle

Kamran Joyer, OG, Foot

Senorise Perry, WR, Knee

Out for season:

Stephon Ball, TE, Knee

Anthony Conner, CB, Knee

Joe Evinger, OL, Back

Michaelee Harris, WR, Knee

South Florida


Ryne Giddens, DE, Foot

Sterling Griffin, WR, Ankle

A.J. Love, WR, Knee

Mark Popek, OT, Knee



Ryan Gillum, LB, Upper Body

Kevyn Scott, CB, Lower Body

Out for season

Ri'Shard Anderson, CB, Shoulder

Cody Catalina, TE, Knee

Carl Cutler, FB, Knee

Ollie Haney, DL, Chest

Jared Kimmel, DE, Knee

Jarrod West, WR, Foot

West Virginia


Shawne Alston, RB, Knee


Sidney Glover, DB, Hamstring

Tripp Hale, DB, Hamstring

Pat Lazear, LB, Knee/Tibia

Chris Snook, FB, Neck

Brad Starks, WR, Groin

Out for season:

Nick Kindler, OL, Shoulder

Pending Surgery:

Donovan Pearson, DL, Toe, cyst