UConn players cited for fighting each other

Connecticut players Dave Teggart and Jerome Williams were arrested and charged with breach of peace after allegedly fighting one another at an apartment complex Tuesday morning.

UConn coach Randy Edsall said the discipline for the two would be handled internally. Neither is likely to be suspended for Saturday's game against Vanderbilt.

"I hope they take that aggression on the field to the other people rather than themselves," Edsall said. "Nowadays, as well all know, when there's a little spat, they don't just tell you to go home or anything like that. Now you get arrested, written up for breach of peace."

A couple of things here. First, what in the world is Teggart -- the team's place-kicker -- doing trying to fight a backup linebacker like Williams, who's listed at 5-foot-11 and 233 pounds?

Secondly, this might just be an isolated incident, but it does raise questions about team chemistry for the Huskies, who have gotten off to a disappointing start despite returning 16 starters.

Or maybe this shows there is some fight left in these Huskies after all.