Last turnover pool

Entering our sixth week of the season, the last turnover pool is just about outliving its usefulness.

I'm declaring the quarterback competition closed, barring any unforeseen developments. Zach Collaros went 107 attempts before his first interception, and with new UConn starter Cody Endres tossing a pick on Saturday, there doesn't appear to be any other contenders. If there's a major quarterback change later in the season that produces a rival to Collaros' streak, we will pick this back up.

So all it leaves us with is the running back division, which I'll update only sporadically from here on out. Here are your current leaders:

Delone Carter, Syracuse: 73 carries without a lost fumble.

Ray Graham, Pittsburgh: 52

Mo Plancher, South Florida: 50

Dion Lewis, Pittsburgh: 47

Vic Anderson, Louisville: 45