A worst-case scenario for the Big East

In my earlier video post today, I talked about a scenario where the Big East could fail to fill all of its bowl slots this year.

Here's one way that could happen. (I'm not predicting this will happen, mind you, but it's not implausible).

Cincinnati (current record: 3-4)

Wins: Syracuse, Rutgers and Connecticut

Losses: West Virginia and Pittsburgh

Final record: 6-6

Connecticut (3-4)

Wins: Syracuse and South Florida

Losses: West Virginia, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati

Final record: 5-7

Louisville (4-3)

Wins: Syracuse, South Florida

Losses: Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Rutgers

Final record: 6-6

Rutgers (4-3)

Wins: Louisville

Losses: Cincinnati, West Virginia, Syracuse, South Florida

Final record: 5-7

South Florida (4-3)

Wins: Rutgers

Losses: Louisville, Pittsburgh, Miami, Connecticut

Final record: 5-7

Syracuse (5-2)

Wins: Rutgers

Losses: Louisville, Connecticut, Cincinnati, Boston College

Final record: 6-6

In this not-too-crazy scenario, only Louisville and Cincinnati would be eligible for bowls (remember, Syracuse has two FCS wins, and you can count only one toward postseason qualification). That would give the Big East only four bowl teams for its six bowl slots and only two teams -- West Virginia and Pittsburgh -- winning records.

Let's hope it doesn't come to something like this.