Big East Power Rankings: Week 11

Welcome back to the Big East power rankings, or what is also known as "throwing darts at a dartboard while blindfolded." This week, in an attempt to make sense of things, I'm going with the hot-hand theory.

1. Pittsburgh (5-3, 3-0 Big East): The only sure thing out of eight this week. Pitt solidified itself in the top spot with Syracuse's loss to Louisville.

2. Louisville (5-4, 2-2): There's no clear No. 2 in the Big East right now, so I'll go with the Cardinals, who knocked off last week's No. 2 on the road Saturday. They also played Pitt closer than anyone else in league play, so who's to say Louisville isn't the second-best team right now?

3. South Florida (5-3, 2-2): Like I said, hot-hand theory. The Bulls have won two straight in league play, which is more than anyone not named Pittsburgh can say this week.

4. Syracuse (6-3, 3-2): The Orange had better learn how to win at home. Luckily for them, they're on the road this week at Rutgers.

5. West Virginia (5-3, 1-2): There's no reason why the Mountaineers should be this low in the rankings, but after two straight league losses, they're the opposite of a hot-hand team.

6. Connecticut (4-4, 1-2): Speaking of opposites, UConn is diametrically positioned from Syracuse. The Huskies are unbeaten at home and winless on the road. They'll hope that trend continues when Pitt comes calling Thursday night.

7. Cincinnati (3-5, 1-2): Not much hot about the Bearcats, who have lost two straight at home. But their road win against Louisville looks even better in retrospect.

8. Rutgers (4-4, 1-2): The Scarlet Knights have lost four of their past six and had to eke out the two victories in that span. They're in danger of missing a bowl game for the first time since the 2004 season.