Big East and the BCS standings

The latest BCS standings are out. No Big East teams are in the Top 25 (again).

Here's the thing, though: It doesn't matter at all.

For a while, it looked like the BCS standings would figure into some possible tiebreaker scenarios, since that's what the Big East uses if head-to-head records don't settle the issue.

But now, with Pittsburgh, Connecticut and West Virginia looking like the only three real contenders left, there's no reason to use the BCS standings. Any tie involving UConn and Pitt and/or West Virginia goes to the Huskies since they beat both teams. A two-way tie between Pitt and West Virginia can only happen if the Mountaineers beat the Panthers this weekend, which would obviously give West Virginia the title.

So unless mass chaos occurs and there's a multi-team tie among three-loss teams, the BCS standings are just meaningless numbers for the Big East this year.