Big East race update: Week 14

It seems fitting that in a year of so much parity, the Big East race will come down to the very last game of the regular season.

If Connecticut wins on Saturday night at South Florida, then the Huskies will go to a BCS game, almost certainly the Fiesta Bowl. Nothing else matters if the Huskies win.

Here's a look at some other possible scenarios:

  • If Connecticut loses and West Virginia beats Rutgers: West Virginia goes to the BCS.

  • If Connecticut and West Virginia lose and Pittsburgh beats Cincinnati: Pitt, at 7-5, goes to the BCS.

  • If Connecticut, West Virginia and Pitt all lose: There would be a five-way tie for first place between those three teams, Syracuse and South Florida. At that point, it would go to who has the best record inside that five-team "mini-conference." UConn would have a 3-1 record, while West Virginia, Syracuse and Pitt would all be 2-2, and USF would be 1-2. So the Huskies, at 7-5, would go the BCS.