Week 14 review

Let's look back with fondness on the last week of the Big East regular season:

Team of the week: Connecticut. If you have to ask why, you must have come to the wrong blog by mistake.

Game of the week: UConn's 19-16 win at South Florida. For a long time, the game was an ugly, defensive struggle. The Huskies led 16-6 and it seemed to be over. Then the Bulls made a furious fourth-quarter comeback and had a chance to take the lead after driving to the Huskies 5-yard line. They settled for the tying field goal and probably should have run the ball near the goal line instead of throwing two low-percentage fade passes. It had the effect of leaving time and timeouts on the board for UConn, which of course set up ...

Biggest play: ... Dave Teggart's 52-yard field goal with 17 seconds left was his career high and a program high point. It's a kick that will be remembered by generations of Huskies fans.

Best call: Randy Edsall's decision to stay aggressive, both in setting up for and going for the long kick. Some coaches would have feared that a miss would put USF in good field position with time left on the clock. Not Edsall, who has coached loose and all-out during the Huskies' five-game winning streak. Remember that gutsy fourth-and-one call against Pittsburgh late? "We came here to win," he said after the game. "We weren't going to punt or wait for overtime. That's bull crap."

Big Man on Campus (Offense): Dion Lewis, RB, Pittsburgh. Lewis is hard to find in piles as it is, and Cincinnati had no chance of locating him in his white jersey on a snowy field. The sophomore also saves his best games for the Bearcats defense; this year he ran it 42 times for 261 yards and four touchdowns in Pitt's 28-10 win.

Big Man on Campus (Defense): Lawrence Wilson, LB, Connecticut. His interception and 55-yard return for a touchdown was the only time the Huskies found the end zone against USF.

Big Man on Campus (Special teams): Teggart. The 52-yarder alone would have been enough for this award. But Teggart also drilled three other field goals, including a 50-yarder.

Worst hangover: West Virginia. Sure, the Mountaineers romped over Rutgers and finished 9-3. But their hearts sank when Teggart made that kick. West Virginia and its fans believes they belong in the BCS instead of UConn. But they came up just short of their goal.

Strangest moment: Easiest call of the season here. The Cincinnati mascot -- played by 22-year-old student Robert “Bobby” Garfield II -- was wrestled to the ground, kicked out of the game and cited for disorderly conduct for allegedly throwing snowballs and being unruly with police officers during the Pittsburgh game. The Bearcats had to go to a backup mascot -- Next Mascot In, as Brian Kelly would have said.

Is that any way for the defending Capitol One mascot national champion to behave? Perhaps the power has gone to the Bearcat's comically oversized head. Then again, with the way Cincinnati's 4-8 season went, this seemed like the perfect ending.