Last turnover pool revisited

If you'll recall from earlier this season, I had a weekly last turnover pool to determine who had the best hands in the Big East.

It's time to update that now with the regular season over. And our winner, and recipient of the Golden Hands Trophy* is Syracuse's Delone Carter.

(* not a real thing)

Carter did not fumble once while carrying the ball 204 times this season. He had the third-most carries in the Big East behind Jordan Todman and Bilal Powell while finishing fourth in rushing yards with 1,035.

I'd like to be able to compare how Carter's fumble-free streak compares with others around the country, but the NCAA doesn't keep that stat for some odd reason.

Zach Collaros won the last turnover pool among the quarterbacks as the last to throw an interception. But Collaros ended up throwing more picks (14) than any other quarterback in the league. Here are the guys who threw the least amount of interceptions per pass attempt among those who threw at least 100 passes this season:

1. (tie) Geno Smith, West Virginia and Zach Frazer, Connecticut: One interception every 55.5 attempts

3. Ryan Nassib, Syracuse: One every 42.1 attempts

4. Tino Sunseri, Pittsburgh: One every 40.9 attempts.

In the team division, Rutgers and Louisville tied for the fewest giveaways, with 15. Rutgers and South Florida lost only five fumbles each all season. UConn and West Virginia threw the fewest interceptions, with seven apiece.

UConn had the best turnover margin in the league, and it's no coincidence that the Huskies won the Big East's BCS bid, too.