Still no word on USF's starting quarterback

South Florida coach Skip Holtz surely knows who will start at quarterback for him Friday in the Meineke Car Care Bowl. But he's not telling Clemson -- or even his own players.

Holtz said Thursday that both Bobby Eveld and B.J. Daniels would play in the bowl, but he's making the most of the secrecy.

"As a young guy, you tell Bobby he's starting now, and he'll be a basket case," Holtz said. "He won't be able to walk by the time he gets to the game.

"(Against) Pittsburgh, we were going to play Bobby, with B.J. being out. We went through Thursday's practice, and I don't think Bobby completed a pass. He was just nervous, holding onto everything, wouldn't throw it. That's part of the maturing process.

"B.J. has been there a little bit more, has been in that experience. Bobby, when he does get in, whether it's the first play or the last, it's going to be 'All right, you're in, get your helmet.' You're not going to give him a lot of time to think."

I believe Daniels will get the start if healthy, but that's just a gut feeling. Whoever starts should be on a short leash with the other one ready to go.