Big East ranks high in excitement

Finally, a high ranking for Big East football.

A company called Thuuz.com sends alerts to fans notifying them of how exciting a game is. According to CNBC's Darren Rovell, the Big East ranked as the second-most exciting league in the country in 2010, behind only the Big Ten.

The excitement ratings don't take into account the teams' records or fan bases or even importance of the game, just its level of excitement. That's why UAB, even with a losing record, was tabbed as the nation's most exciting team after playing two overtime games and six other contests decided by five points or fewer.

Three Big East teams ranked among the Top 20 nationally in excitement level. They were Rutgers (No. 8), South Florida (No. 14) and Louisville (No. 20). Scarlet Knights fans may question just how exciting their team was to watch this past season, but Rutgers was involved in a lot of close games, as were the Bulls and Cardinals.

Excitement level doesn't necessarily translate into wins or anything else. But the Big East was very competitive top to bottom in 2010, and at least it ranked high in something.