Luck, Holgorsen release statements

I said in my chat earlier that I thought West Virginia athletic director Oliver Luck would probably handle the Dana Holgorsen incident behind closed doors, that Holgorsen would issue a statement apologizing for his actions and the whole thing would be done.

It looks like that is exactly what is happening. Both Luck and Holgorsen released official statements on Wednesday. Here they are in their entirety.

Oliver Luck

"After looking into the details and throughly investigating what took place last week, I believe inappropriate behavior did occur.

"Coach [Bill] Stewart and I have made it clear, and will reiterate, that our coaches and staff are representing the University and the state at all times. We expect them to always display appropriate behavior.

"I take this matter very seriously, but I do not plan on commenting on it further."

Dana Holgorsen

"I learned a valuable lesson from this incident. As a football coach, I am always in the public eye and I have to hold myself to a higher standard, which is what I ask our players to do. I'm sorry that this incident has put the university and the football program in a difficult position. I will not put myself in that situation again."

This is pretty standard PR stuff. This issue will likely fade away in time, assuming similar situations don't arise again for Holgorsen. He appears to be guilty of bad judgment, and it's definitely a learning experience as he transitions into becoming a head coach for the first time. Holgorsen is too smart and too bright a coaching prospect to jeopardize his career by repeating these kinds of mistakes.