Sweet beginnings: Dana Holgorsen

You have heard all the hype, and now it is time for Dana Holgorsen to make his debut as West Virginia head coach.

His is one of the most highly anticipated debuts not only in the Big East but in the nation as well. The big question, of course, is whether he can transition from mavericky offensive coordinator to successful head coach.

Holgorsen has never been a head coach, but his offenses have produced gaudy numbers. And generally, gaudy numbers get you national attention. In six years as an offensive coordinator at three different schools, his teams averaged 39.8 points and 520 yards a game. He coached Heisman contenders Graham Harrell, Case Keenum and Justin Blackmon.

Can he do the same at West Virginia?

Holgorsen has maintained a low-key approach since he was elevated to head coach a year earlier than expected when a nasty divorce between Bill Stewart and West Virginia dominated the headlines for a time this summer. Since then, Holgorsen has downplayed his inexperience as a head coach. When asked about how he felt about finally stepping onto the field for the first time as the face of a program, he offered little more than this: "Well, I’m fired up about that. That’s exciting obviously. It’s been a long time since that spring game."

Buzz has been building since that spring game. West Virginia enters the season ranked No. 24 in The Associated Press poll and was the preseason media pick to win the Big East. Much of that has to do with seeing what Holgorsen can do with the talent already in place in Morgantown.

So let the anticipation die down and the games begin.