'Yankee Bowl' still very much in play for Big East

Posted by ESPN.com's Brian Bennett

You may have seen this story last week in which Big Ten officials said that any new New York City bowl game would probably not get off the ground until the next four-year cycle that begins after the 2014 season.

But I talked with some Big East officials who assured me that a New York game is still a very strong possibility to begin after the 2010 season.

The Big East would be a partner with the game and would help it grow into something bigger. The game would be played at Yankee Stadium, and though it could start out as a lower-level bowl game, it could eventually climb the ladder for the Big East.

The league wants a BCS opponent on the other side of the game. The Big Ten, apparently having misread the signals, may not be involved. The ACC makes the most sense geographically, but the Big East is already playing the ACC in the Meineke Car Care Bowl and most likely the Champs Sports Bowl. Playing three games against the ACC is not something the Big East wants.

Since the SEC is unlikely to come that far north, that leaves the Big 12 and Pac-10. Though not geographically close for either league, New York is a hub for many alumni bases and is an attractive destination for any school.

Weather, of course, could be a drawback. But if you had to shiver through an afternoon game for a few hours and then got to spend the rest of your night in Manhattan, wouldn't that be appealing? And it's easy driving distance for many Big East schools, giving the league a true "home" bowl game.

There is still a lot to be ironed out, and the league is talking with several games. But the so-called "Yankee Bowl" is still a very real possibility.