Big East Power Rankings: Week 5

How do the results of the weekend impact the power rankings? Let's find out.

1. USF (4-0). The Bulls have feasted on sub-par competition the past three weeks, but they do have a quality win over Notre Dame. Yes, I realize Notre Dame is 2-2, but the Irish do have a good team and this is probably the best nonconference win in the Big East. A big test awaits Thursday night at Pitt.

2. West Virginia (3-1). The Mountaineers gave it the ol' college try but were simply overmatched by one of the best teams in the country Saturday night against LSU. Big East and BCS hopes are still alive, but they are going to have to cut down on the mistakes to make those dreams a reality.

3. Cincinnati (3-1). Well lookie who has shot up to No. 3 in the power rankings. Beating an ACC team at home, and quite handily, will do that to a team. I have not forgotten about the loss to Tennessee, but the win over the Wolfpack definitely deserves some merit.

4. Louisville (2-1). The Cardinals were off last week so they get the benefit of riding on the victory over Kentucky for another week. That loss to FIU looks a little worse today after the Panthers lost at home to Louisiana.

5. Pitt (2-2). It has been a tough two-game stretch for the Panthers, but I still see talent and potential there. They just have to try to get everybody working consistently.

5. Rutgers (2-1). This one is too tough to call. Both have beaten one FCS and one MAC team. Both have lost to opponents from AQ conferences. The Scarlet Knights have only played three games, so we don't have as a complete a picture about them as we do Pitt. But both teams definitely have some struggles they need to keep working through.

7. Syracuse (3-1). The Orange are a pretty weak 3-1 team. They should be a 2-2 team after officials blew a call against Toledo, awarding them an extra point that clearly went wide. Syracuse has beaten two teams in overtime and barely beat an FCS team. They are not playing like one of the top teams in the league.

8. UConn (2-2). The Huskies continue to struggle on offense. The running game, which has always been so reliable, has stalled, and they are still playing three quarterbacks. There is no sense of identity on this team.