Players get Holgorsen's message

Earlier this week, coach Dana Holgorsen called his players out for not playing with enough effort or excitement, and threatened to take a smaller travel squad to Cincinnati on Saturday.

Are the Mountaineers listening?

I asked linebacker Doug Rigg earlier this week what he thought of Holgorsen's message.

“I think he means he wants us to step our game up another level and be excited about what we're doing,” Rigg said. “He doesn't want us to play. He wants us to have fun and play hard for each other. He’s stressed he wants more energy, more effort, to play harder and get to the ball on defense to force turnovers. With these last three games, we need to step our level up higher.”

So how do the players accomplish that?

“I think just playing for one another on the team,” he said. “We're all real close and instead of playing just to play a play to get the job done, we need to play for the person next to you, play for the seniors. It’s about having somebody to play for.”

Was that missing in the losses?

"I don't think it was missing before, it was just people were more focused on not making mistakes," Rigg said.