MWC pulls no punches

As expected, the Mountain West has appealed to the BCS Presidential Oversight Committee for an automatic spot into the BCS for 2012-13.

What does this have to do with the Big East? Well, read its appeal to the committee. The Mountain West essentially compares itself to the Big East throughout its appeal in order to prove its worthiness as an AQ conference. If it makes you feel better, the Mountain West takes a few digs at the ACC, too.

Here are a few of its points:

  • On membership changes: The Mountain West will look radically different in 2012-13, and that may be a huge factor in determining whether AQ status is granted. Utah and TCU are gone, two teams that made BCS games. Boise State, another team that finished in the BCS top 10 this season, is leaving for the Big East in 2013. But the Mountain West cites membership changes in the Big East after 2004, saying those did not impact AQ status. The MWC writes: the Big East "experienced membership change which significantly affected the competitive strength of its football enterprise. However, without any formal action, the Big East was permitted to retain its automatic-qualifying status for the next cycle -- apparently based upon reputation and relationships, rather than demonstrated performance."

  • On-field performance: The MWC ranked No. 4 in average ranking of the highest-ranked team, ahead of the ACC, Big East, Big Ten. The MWC’s adjusted top-25 performance percentage of 60.19 was better than the ACC (37.04 percent) and the Big East (32.41 percent). The MWC also says, "both the ACC and the Big East would fall short of the threshold to retain their automatic-qualification status after this just-concluded four-year evaluation cycle (2008-2011) if they were to be evaluated against these same standards. In fact, the Big East’s numbers are insufficient to even qualify to request an exemption.

  • BCS finishes: MWC teams, in the just-completed cycle (2008-2011), ranked in the top six of the final BCS standings three times. The Big East had only one team finish among top six, while the ACC had none.

Remember, this appeal is only to grant a seventh AQ spot for the final two years of the current BCS cycle. The Big East keeps its status through 2013.