How well are Big East assistants paid?

Salaries for coaches and assistants continue to rise throughout college football. Big East teams have followed in that trend as well.

USA Today once again did an incredible job compiling financial information on assistant coach pay, with a searchable database that gives you individual coach salaries and total staff expenditures. Louisville pays the most for its assistants among Big East schools, while Cincinnati pays the least. The average amount each Big East school pays its staff of assistants is 1,848,949. That is lower than the average for the 54 public schools in AQ conferences: $2,214,602

The newspaper also looked at how sustainable each athletic department is on its own.

West Virginia was the only Big East school without an overall athletic department deficit, ranking No. 18 among all Division I programs. That means the athletic department is fairly independent from its university. Cincinnati and Rutgers were the worst in that category among the six Big East schools that submitted financial documents.

Here is the breakdown of head coach and assistant coach pay in the Big East.


Butch Jones pay: $1,393,833

Assistants pay: $1,466,000

Note: Cincinnati paid the same amount for assistants in 2010 and 2011.


Paul Pasqualoni pay: $1,500,000

Assistants pay: $1,675,000

Note: UConn is paying about $470,000 more for assistants under Pasqualoni than it did in 2010 under former coach Randy Edsall.


Charlie Strong pay: $2,305,000

Assistants pay: $2,396,800

Note: Louisville is paying $541,800 more to its assistants in 2011 than it did in 2010.




Greg Schiano pay: $2,296,969

Assistants pay: $1,847,500

Note: Rutgers is paying $202,600 more to assistants in 2011 than it did in 2010.


Skip Holtz pay: $1,700,000

Assistants pay: $1,670,200

Note: USF is paying $380,200 more to assistants in 2011 than it did in 2010.


Doug Marrone pay: $1,048,625

Assistants pay: N/A

West Virginia

Dana Holgorsen pay: $1,490,000

Assistants pay: $2,038,195

Note: West Virginia is paying about $78,000 less to assistants in 2011 than it did under Bill Stewart in 2010.

** Pitt and Syracuse are not subject to open records requests and are not required to turn over information.