Big East NFL prospects for 2013

As it stands today, there are only two players from the Big East listed on Mel Kiper's top 5 player rankings by position for the 2012 draft -- Mohamed Sanu at receiver and Bruce Irvin at outside linebacker.

But take heart, my friends. Next season seems to be in line to be much better.

Kiper has come out with his top 5 player rankings by position for the NFL draft class of 2013. These only include seniors, of course, since we have no idea about underclassmen leaving early. You will see several more Big East players listed:


No. 4 Geno Smith, West Virginia. Kiper believes Smith will get more scrutiny next season once he enters the draft spotlight.

Running back

No. 3 Ray Graham, Pitt.


No. 5 Ryan Clarke, West Virginia


No. 3 Tavon Austin, West Virginia


No. 3 Mario Benavides, Louisville

You can see the complete lists by clicking on the links above. As always, I'll keep you updated once these lists start changing. For now, really interesting to see how some of these players stack up against the rest.