Big East spring football dates

Before you know it, spring football will be here. So to help get your calendars in order, I present to you the spring start dates and spring games for each Big East team. Yes, West Virginia is included until the Mountaineers decide to bolt once and for all.

Cincinnati is the first team to begin spring practice, nice and early on March 1. Rutgers is the last Big East team to hold its spring game, set for April 28.

Cincinnati: Starts March 1; Spring game April 14

UConn: Starts March 20; Spring game April 21

Louisville: Starts March 21; Spring game April 14

Pitt: Starts March 15; Spring game April 14

Rutgers: Starts March 27; Spring game April 28

USF: Starts March 21; Spring games April 7 and 14

Syracuse: Starts March 20; Spring game April 21

West Virginia: Starts March 11; Spring game April 21