Rutgers unveils new uniforms

Want to know how excited Rutgers is about its new uniforms?

This video should answer your question.

I would say Scarlet Knights players are pretty thrilled. The school officially unveiled its sleek new Nike Pro Combat uniforms Tuesday afternoon in New York City, with Mark Harrison, Scott Vallone and Khaseem Greene serving as the official models. Three different uniforms were unveiled -- white, red and black -- along with a different style helmet.

The Block R remains, but rather than a red helmet with a white letter R, the new helmet is an all-chrome finish with either a red or black R, and different striping.

“The new look for Rutgers football is a clean, modern style that our student-athletes, recruits and fans will be very impressed with,” athletic director Tim Pernetti said in a statement. “Nike, along with our football staff did an amazing job of incorporating our history, mascot, and our most valuable asset, the Block R, while designing a uniform that will generate incredible excitement. This was a process that lasted over a year with tremendous input from both Kyle Flood and Greg Schiano.”

Among the other changes:

  • Metallic accents and battle “scars” throughout the uniform

  • Inset ribbing around the shoulders that are made to look like iron plates

  • The pant stripe comes to a point and features a beveled-edge design much like a sword pant, and ties directly into the knight’s plume on the new helmet.

  • All-new knight-driven number and font system

You can read more about the Nike Pro Combat technology and what went into making the uniforms in this news release.

Red uniforms will be worn at home; white on the road; and black is the alternate jersey. I love the black, much in the same way I loved the black helmets last year. But what can I say, black is one of my favorite colors.