Big East meetings recap: Day 2

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. -- Let's recap what happened at the Big East spring meetings Tuesday.

  • The Big East will play its championship game at on-campus sites, doing away with an idea former commissioner John Marinatto had to play the title game in New York. The plan is to begin the championship game for the 2013 season, at the home of the highest-seeded team. Before arriving at the decision, the league reached out to the Pac-12 to get a gauge for how they liked having an on-campus title game last year. "The proof was in the pudding," senior associate commissioner Nick Carparelli said.

  • The league remains committed to an eight-game league schedule, though that was not discussed at the meetings this year. Some of the biggest reasons why the Big East is not moving toward a nine-game schedule like the ACC: coaches like the balance of having four home/four away league games; they want to have four nonconference games of varying difficulty; and they believe it also helps increase their chances to become bowl-eligible.

  • Future bowl tie-ins were not a huge topic, but there will be consideration to expand the Big East reach to bowls in Texas and out West because of its incoming members. "None of the bowl games are going to make any agreements until they see what happens at the top of the bowl system," Carparelli said. "There will be no shortage of interest in the Big East in terms of bowl games given our new geography."

  • Carparelli will join interim commissioner Joe Bailey at the next round of BCS meetings in June. The Big East has a preferred idea in mind for a future playoff, with consideration given to conference champions. The Big East also wants some sort of rankings system used to determine the four-team playoff, not a selection committee.

  • Potential divisions also were discussed. Here is more on that.