Ultimate Big East Road Trip: Week 13

Almost time for the Ultimate Big East road trip to come to an end. For those just tuning in, I am selecting the games I would choose to see each and every week this season.

My editors usually do that for me. But if the scheduling were up to me, this is where I would want to go.

Here is the Week 13 schedule:

Fri., Nov. 23

  • USF at Cincinnati

  • Syracuse at Temple

Sat., Nov. 24

  • UConn at Louisville

  • Rutgers at Pitt

My choice: Looks like I will be spending back-to-back weeks in Cincinnati as the Big East season winds to a close. Right now, this game looks as if it will be hugely important in the Big East standings. If USF is as good as many of us believe it can be, then this one poses a serious road block in its quest for a Big East title. For one, the game comes after what is going to be an emotional nonconference contest against at Miami. The Bulls will only have six days to prepare. And Cincinnati has essentially owned the series in Big East play.

If the Bearcats can beat Rutgers and USF in consecutive weeks, then watch out. I have already taken a lot of grief for not having Cincinnati winning the league this year, but by no stretch are the Bearcats a team that should be counted out. They showed resiliency last year, particularly in that wild last-second win over USF that allowed them to keep their momentum going. I was at that game, and it was incredibly fun to watch.

If Munchie Legaux develops, depth emerges on the defensive line and everybody stays healthy, Cincinnati could surprise people once again.

Here are my previous choices: