Tom Savage lands at Pittsburgh

The long odyssey of Tom Savage has found him at yet another college home: Pitt.

Savage has enrolled at the school -- his third since he started his career at Rutgers in 2009. What seemed like such a promising beginning in Piscataway now winds up in Pittsburgh, with Savage being forced to sit out two consecutive seasons.

For those who need a bit of a refresher, Savage was a Freshman All-American at Rutgers. But injuries really hurt him in 2010 and he ended up losing his starting job to Chas Dodd. Savage made the decision to transfer to Arizona and sat out 2011. Feeling homesick, he decided to return back East after the spring. Savage has previously said his decision had nothing to do with the hiring of spread-style coach Rich Rodriguez.

So now Savage must wait for his turn again, and will be eligible to play his final season in 2013. But there is an important caveat to note.

The Big East does have a rule in place that may not allow Savage to play for Pitt in 2013. Conference rules state that once you have signed and competed at a league school, you cannot compete at another league institution. Pitt has filed a lawsuit to get out of the Big East to join the ACC in time for the 2013 season. If that does not happen and Pitt is stuck in the Big East for 2013, Savage would not be eligible to play.

If he is eligible, the quarterback position will be a huge unknown after this season. We all expect Tino Sunseri to start this year unless true freshman Chad Voytik makes a huge push. If Voytik ends up redshirting, then a battle royale between Savage and Voytik will take place in the spring of 2013, with Mark Myers and Trey Anderson potentially in the mix as well.

Voytik, of course, is the hot-shot four-star recruit that Panthers fans have pinned their future hopes to, while Savage has not played a snap in a game since 2010. It will be interesting to see how all the sitting out and scheme changes and college changes impact Savage, who was a hot-shot prospect himself in the class of 2009.

He already has lost one season of competition because of all the transfers (the NCAA denied a hardship waiver). There is no doubt his skill-set fits the Paul Chryst system better than Rodriguez. Now we have to wait yet again to see what he can do.