Your take: Best/worst BCS memories

With the BCS era coming to a close in a few seasons, each blogger came up with their best/worst BCS moments. Then I asked you all to weigh in with your thoughts.

Those who responded were not too pleased I had the UConn-Oklahoma game on the list. Unfortunately, this game -- moreso than Pitt vs. Utah -- caused the most bellyaching about automatic qualifying designation. UConn's 8-4 record qualified it as the worst team to get automatic entry into the BCS. The Huskies also are the only unranked team to make it into a BCS game. That is why this has to be one of the worst moments for the Big East.

Now let's here from those who disagree.

Ken Griebell in Princeton, N.J., writes: Andrea, I was at the UConn-Oklahoma game. It was tied in the third quarter and the UConn line was pushing them all over the place. Then (Randy) Edsall and Zach Fraser went to the air. Turnovers and being forced into long third down plays killed them. UConn outrushed Oklahoma and had more time of possession. It's not hard at all to have gotten down on this Landry Jones team. They killed everyone that year. Had UConn run four downs on each second-half possession, they could have won. Please set the record straight on this being a blowout -worst ever.

Anthony in Connecticut writes: I don't believe that the 2010 Fiesta Bowl was all the embarrassing for UConn or the Big East. If you watched the game, you would know that UConn was only down 10 at half and only seven halfway through the third quarter. If it wasn't for two four-quarter interceptions, the final score would have been much much closer. I believe for an 8-4 team, UConn gave OU more of a fight then they expected.

Ken in Connecticut writes: Disagree on worst Big East BCS game. Pitt vs. Utah was the worst. If I remember correctly, Pitt was 6-6 and got beat by a team from a non-AQ conference. Also the UConn/OU game was a lot closer than 28 points. Some UConn wide receivers couldn't catch passes thrown right at their chests that they tipped up in the air and turned into pick six for OU. Not saying UConn was going to win, but ...

Note: Pitt was ranked No. 20 going into the 2005 Fiesta Bowl against Utah with an 8-3 record. I realize there is some strange national perception that it's terrible to lose to a non-AQ, but Utah was undefeated that year, Urban Meyer was the coach and Alex Smith was the quarterback. That was an excellent football team.

Curt in Washington D.C. writes: Best --- WVU puts Big East on the map by beating UGA in the 2006 Sugar Bowl (played in Atlanta -- basically another home game for UGA). Worst --- Tie. Pitt and UConn both made the Big East look historically bad. Pitt got crushed in the Fiesta Bowl by Utah. UConn was pathetic in the Fiesta Bowl vs. Oklahoma.

Chris in Louisville writes: The worst BCS moment for the Big East has got to be Pitt's 35-7 loss to Utah. They got blown out by the first non-AQ team to make a BCS bowl. It was the conference's first season without Miami and Virginia Tech, and their last with Boston College. It was the first clear sign to the whole nation that the Big East was in trouble.

Bearcatvol in Dalton, Ga., writes: AA, No doubt the Sugar Bowl was disappointing, but it's hard for me to get down on the players in that game for UC. They had only a skeleton crew coaching staff after our former athletic director told the remaining assistants they weren't under consideration to replace (Brian) Kelly after he deserted the team. It was such an aberration. In my view, it does nothing to tarnish the 12-0 that got them there. The shame in that loss was on the members of that staff who were too busy selling their houses than to even show up to prepare for Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow. It is fact that our defensive game plan was put together by the graduate assistants left on campus. Obviously, they failed their final exam. It also seems weird none of this stink ever really follows Kelly as the little emperor went to the Golden Dome. I would have loved to see this game under a normal circumstance. Don't know what would have happened, but at least the team would have been prepared.