Big East in the BCS computer rankings

Posted by ESPN.com's Brian Bennett

The first official BCS standings won't come out until later this month. But five of the six computer rankings that comprise one-third of the standings are available. (Dr. Peter Wolfe's ratings do not come out until Oct. 18.)

Here is how OK Computer each Big East team is in those wacky, lovable math-geek ratings:


5. Cincinnati

18. South Florida

21. West Virginia

35. Rutgers

37. Pittsburgh

44. Connecticut

88. Syracuse

121. Louisville

This is the highest ranking of the five computer methods for the Bearcats. It's also the highest for WVU and Rutgers (35th? Really?). There are only 120 FBS teams, remember, which means Louisville is not so much liked here. The Cardinals are behind such luminaries as Delaware, Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo and South Dakota State.


11. Cincinnati

27. South Florida

33. West Virginia

38. Pittsburgh

40. Connecticut

45. Rutgers

81. Syracuse

108. Louisville

Anderson and Hester are a weird duo; on one hand, they have Cincinnati and South Florida lower than anyone else; on the other hand, they rank the Big East as the fourth best conference.


10. Cincinnati

22. South Florida

37. West Virginia

38. Pittsburgh

42. Connecticut

51. Rutgers

72. Louisville

96. Syracuse

Billingsley is way higher on the Cardinals than any other ranking, and Syracuse is curiously low despite its strong schedule.


9. Cincinnati

13. South Florida

29. Connecticut

34. West Virginia

38. Pittsburgh

44. Rutgers

83. Syracuse

112. Louisville

Blue pill or red pill? This Matrix likes UConn a whole lot more than the other computer rankings.


8. Cincinnati

13. South Florida

23. Pittsburgh

35. West Virginia

39. Connecticut

46. Rutgers

91. Syracuse

104. Louisville

Another No. 13 ranking for South Florida, and Pitt's highest computer marks of the five.

What does it all mean? The highest and lowest computer scores will be thrown out, and the rest averaged in. Since we don't know what the elusive Dr. Wolfe has cooked up, we can only speculate with these five. Throw out the Sagarin and Anderson and Hester numbers for Cincinnati, and the Bearcats' average position is 8th. Still good striking distance, particulary if they can win at South Florida. The Bulls are a little further back, with an average of 17th after throwing out A&H and one of the No. 13 ratings. But that would definitely climb with a win over Cincinnati.