Big East Heisman hopefuls

It has been a few years since the Big East went into the season with a serious Heisman hopeful. Had West Virginia stuck around, things would be a little different this season.

That does not mean all hope is lost. There are a few players who could emerge as the season goes on, the way surprise candidates always seem to pop up year after year. Who could they be?

Ray Graham, RB, Pitt. "From the Comeback Trail to the Heisman Trail!" I am a bit hesitant to put Graham on this list because he is coming off a major knee injury. Early reports out of practice show Graham is holding his own and perhaps even doing better than expected. Still, we really have no idea what we are going to see out of Graham when the season opens. If Graham starts the year the way he played before he got hurt, watch out. People around the country will definitely take notice.

Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville. "Teddy Heisman." You guys know our good friend TxCardsFan has coined this phrase, so props to him for making it a catchphrase on this here blog. I think we may be a year premature on the Teddy Heisman campaign, but you never know. He has gotten some national notice on a few preseason watch lists, and he has more upside than any of other the starting quarterbacks in the Big East. With another year in the system and the continued development of his young receivers, there is a chance. I am just not sure Louisville will be passing for 3,000 yards this year, a near prerequisite for a Heisman Trophy contender.

Montel Harris, RB, Temple. "Give a Hoot for the Heisman!" A super dark-horse candidate right here, but ut;s really hard to overlook what Harris did when he was healthy at Boston College. He has run for more than 3,000 career yards, and Temple will no doubt rely on him in the run game. If he carries the Owls this season and they are better than expected, there is an outside chance. But Temple has to get to nine or 10 wins at least.