ESPN.com Big East all-conference team

Here are my picks for the Big East all-conference team.


QB B.J. Daniels, USF

RB Lyle McCombs, UConn

RB Ray Graham, Pitt*

RB Montel Harris, Temple*

TE Ryan Griffin, UConn

OT Justin Pugh, Syracuse

OT Martin Wallace, Temple

C Mario Benavides, Louisville

OG Chris Jacobson, Pitt

OG Mark Popek, USF

WR Alec Lemon, Syracuse

WR Andre Davis, USF


DE Trevardo Williams, UConn

DT Scott Vallone, Rutgers

DT Aaron Donald, Pitt

DE Ryne Giddins, USF*

DE Walter Stewart, Cincinnati*

LB Khaseem Greene, Rutgers

LB DeDe Lattimore, USF

LB Sio Moore, UConn

CB Logan Ryan, Rutgers

CB Adrian Bushell, Louisville

S Hakeem Smith, Louisville

S Duron Harmon, Rutgers

Special teams

PK Kevin Harper, Pitt

P Pat O'Donnell, Cincinnati

RS Ralph David Abernathy IV, Cincinnati

* = tie

Notes: About those ties. Graham is a no-brainer all-conference back when healthy. The only problem is I have no idea how healthy Graham is right now or how healthy he is going to be when the season ends. He could start slow and finish fast. Or maybe he won't regain his old form. So I am hedging my bets a little and putting him on there with Montel Harris of Temple. Harris has the potential for a 1,000-yard season.

Defensive end: I really think Williams, Giddins and Stewart have the potential to hit double-digits in sacks this season. That is how highly I think of them. And if the Big East coaches have ties on their all-conference team at the end of the year, so can I!

Tight end: This was a tough one. Griffin is in my preseason Top 25 countdown, but I was a little worried when I saw he would not be starting against UMass. Coach Paul Pasqualoni said not to pay attention to the depth chart because he and John Delahunt are interchangeable. Still got me to thinking that Hubie Graham of Pitt could very well be the first-team tight end at the end of the season.

Receiver: This is a toss-up. I really love Davis' potential. I know a lot are going to clamor for Devin Street to be on the list. He is my next man up. I went with Lemon over Street because I have more confidence in the Syracuse passing game than Pitt.