Then there were none in BCS standings

Yes, the results of this past weekend were as bad as you thought.

The Big East went from two ranked teams to none in the latest BCS standings released Sunday night after Rutgers and Louisville lost to conference bottom feeders this weekend. That means the Big East is the only league among the six automatic qualifying conferences into the BCS without a ranked team headed into the final week of the season.


But it gets worse. Let's take a look at some of the teams that are ranked.

No. 19 Michigan (8-4)

No. 20 Boise State (9-2)

No. 23 Oklahoma State (7-4)

No. 24 Utah State (10-2)

No. 25 San Jose State (10-2)

What does it say about the strength of schedule for Louisville and Rutgers that teams from non-AQ conferences with the same number of losses are ranked -- and the Big East schools are not? What does it say that TWO four-loss teams are ranked, and Louisville (9-2) and Rutgers (9-2) are not? What does it say that two teams from the ridiculously watered-down WAC are ranked -- while Louisville and Rutgers are not?

It says nobody respects the Big East, not the human voters and not the computers.

Regardless of whether any Big East team is ranked, either Rutgers or Louisville will be headed to a BCS bowl after Thursday night's matchup between the two teams. If Rutgers wins, the Scarlet Knights go. If Louisville wins, the Cardinals are all but assured of going. In that case, the final BCS standings would determine the BCS bowl representative. Although Rutgers and Louisville are not ranked this week, a win would give Louisville the best overall record in the Big East and presumably the highest conference spot in the final BCS standings.

And just remember, the BCS standings do not stop at just 25 teams. They go much deeper than that, so the Big East will have rankings to consult if it comes down to that next weekend.