Big East meetings begin in Dallas

Big East meetings begin this weekend in Dallas, with the future of the conference at stake.

San Diego State will be at the meetings, as it mulls its future -- whether to remain committed to the Big East as a football-only member, or remain in the Mountain West with Boise State. All incoming members and remaining members are scheduled to attend the meetings, too, as the league works to solidify itself for the future.

Just about everybody believes these meetings will be crucial to any decision the Aztecs make. They have until Jan. 31 to decide. Big East commissioner Mike Aresco is hopeful the Aztecs will be in the Big East in 2013, but San Diego State has made no indication about what it will do.

Plenty will be on the table. Not only does the Big East need a decision from San Diego State, it must build consensus on what its future will look like, potential expansion targets and, of course, its future television deal.