No decision yet on future of UL-UC game

AMELIA ISLAND, Fla. -- Long-time rivals Louisville and Cincinnati are scheduled to play for the last time in December.

The future of their Keg of Nails series remains on hold, while Louisville works to figure out how joining the ACC impacts its nonconference schedule. Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich said during the ACC spring meetings that he still does not have an answer on the future of the rivalry.

Complicating matters is another rivalry game the Cardinals have against Kentucky, which runs through 2016. Jurich said he expects that series to be renewed. "We’ll roll another one out. I don’t suspect there’d be any problems," he said.

With an eight-game league schedule, the chances that Louisville plays both Kentucky and Cincinnati annually remain slim now that the Cards and Bearcats are set to go their separate conference ways.

It could happen, but it would not be an every year scenario.

"If we’re going to keep one, we’re going to keep Kentucky," Jurich said. "That’s something that’s so important in our state, and the commonwealth of Kentucky relies on that game, so it’s something I want to make sure we keep. We might be able to play both in the same year once in a while, because Cincinnati has been a great rivalry, too."

Cincinnati athletic director Whit Babcock knows he is in a holding pattern, telling ESPN.com, "Tom and I have a good relationship, and it’s something we talked about a while back and it’s something we’ll address in the coming months. Obviously at Cincinnati, we’d love to maintain that rivalry for our fan base in any and all sports but I know it will take some time for the transition of Louisville to the ACC before Tom and I can answer all those questions. We’d love to do it and we wish those guys the best."

The two schools first played in 1929 and have played annually since 1996. Cincinnati and Louisville have actually played more football games than Louisville and Kentucky.