Emails critical of Hermann process

Emails obtained from members of Rutgers' 26-member search advisory committee that eventually hired embattled Julie Hermann as the school's new athletic director indicate that not everyone thought the process was as smooth as co-chairs Kate Sweeney and Richard Edwards.

Sweeney and Edwards sent a message to the committee on Tuesday in support of the hiring process.

But in e-mails ESPN received from a source familiar with the situation, Ronald Garutti, a member of the committee and of the school's board of trustees, responded in part:

"Please, let us not at this late date attempt to convince ourselves and the public that there was sufficient time to delve deeply into either candidates's documents ...

"With 13-15 committee members present at the interviews, and with each member needing to be given the opportunity to ask their own questions, and with Julie's interview starting more than 15 minutes late, there was little or no time to ask follow-up questions, or probe deeply ...

"Please let's not present this as any kind of exemplary process. Subsequent events have proven otherwise."

Hermann's hiring has caused a firestorm since a Star-Ledger story on Saturday detailed a letter signed by 15 members of the 1996 University of Tennessee volleyball team that said Hermann called them "whores, alcoholics and learning disabled." The story said that after a team meeting included Hermann and the school's athletic director, Hermann said, "I choose not to coach you guys." She went into athletic administration at Tennessee and later moved to Louisville, where she spent the past 15½ years before being hired at Rutgers.

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