A look at Big East alums in the Senior Bowl

The Senior Bowl practices are wrapping up, with the game coming up Saturday in Mobile, Ala. Let's take a look at some of the reviews about former Big East players:

On Tuesday, ESPN.com's Scouts Inc. team had this to sayInsider about West Virginia offensive lineman Selvish Capers:

"Capers was the best offensive lineman on the South team on Day 2, showing good mobility when getting to the second linebacker as a run blocker. He also played with balance and showed good lateral mobility with his feet. During 1-on-1 drills, Capers anchored well and held his ground, at one point just erasing East Carolina DE C.J. Wilson on consecutive plays. He is not overly explosive and will have trouble at times with bigger bull rushers, and Capers needs to get stronger in the lower body, but he will be a good fit for a zone blocking scheme in which the emphasis is on getting into space and taking sound angles to defenders because he plays under control and has good feet."

Cincinnati's Mardy Gilyard has been playing well, if not spectacularly, as this Day 3 reportInsider notes:

"Gilyard is having a strong overall day. He's running good routes and making a lot of plays during seven-on-seven drills after showing off his quick hands and feet early in practice."

Analyst Rob Rang had high praise for West Virginia quarterback Jarrett Brown in his CBSSports.com blog:

"Brown has a quick release and a strong arm and was fearless Wednesday, attacking all levels of the field despite having already secured his status as one of the risers from this week's action. His strong performance and legitimate upside may have boosted his status into the late 2nd or early 3rd round."

Pitt's Dorin Dickerson has been working out exclusively at receiver, but will move back to tight end for the NFL Combine workouts. He has been impressive lately.

"In a nutshell, wow!" DraftInsider.net wrote. "He is fast and was able to beat cornerbacks down the field. He is also a terrific pass catcher with strong, reliable hands."

Here is DraftInsider.net's analysis of other players of note:

  • George Selvie: "[Wednesday] Best effort to date for the collegiate sackmaster. Selvie showed more strength against double teams. He was quick off the snap. He even threw a fantastic bullrush to plant an opposing blocker in pass rush rush drills."

  • Jerome Murphy: "Continued to struggle. Loses out in battles when he should not and just did not show a good feel for coverage."

  • Devin McCourty: [Tuesday] was inconsistent. He showed himself to be a strong corner and physically beat down Mardy Gilyard on a number of instances. Yet when he was not able to press receivers it usually ended up in completions for the opposition.

    Looked better [Wednesday]. For some reason showed a better burst to the ball out of his plant and did not struggle as much making plays with his back to the pass. Overall a good performance by McCourty on the most important day of the week."