Edsall rails on ranking services, in-state coaches

Most signing day news conferences are a little dry, to put it nicely. Sometimes I have a hard time not falling asleep when the coaches are reciting details from a list of every single recruit. And if they turn the lights out and go that grainy high school video, forget about it.

Well, Randy Edsall certainly spiced up his signing day news conference with some rather pointed comments on Wednesday.

Edsall's 2010 class, like many before it, didn't receive high marks from the recruiting ranking services. And the UConn coach, who has made his disdain for such rankings known in the past, basically called those services a bunch of bunk.

"It's all very stupid, in my opinion," he said. "For anyone to go out and rank classes, and to evaluate thousands and thousands and thousands of kids that are 17 and 18 years old, and think they're going to watch all this film and put a ranking on them, it's propaganda. And it's one of the things that's ruining the game, in my opinion.

"It's ruining kids. I just hope some people come to their senses soon and does something about the recruiting process because we're in this to help young people and this process isn't helping young people. It's hurting them."

Edsall wasn't done there. He was asked about in-state recruiting, which curiously has been a trouble spot for the Huskies, particularly in southern Connecticut. Two top in-state prospects signed with Penn State this year, for instance.

"The [high school] coaches in this state are realizing the product we have here now," he said. "We beat Notre Dame, we beat South Carolina, we have a Big East championship. But sometimes it's tough to break the land of steady habits. It's tough to break some people's habits in terms of what their perception is.

"The thing that really bothers me is, we offer tickets for high school coaches to come to our games at a very, very minimal cost. We have a free clinic in the spring that we don't get people to come to. We open up spring practice to all the coaches to come up and we don't get hardly the numbers you'd think we get. A lot of coaches in this state have never even come up and seen our facilities, and that's what's disappointing to me.

"We are better received, in my opinion, outside the state of Connecticut than what we are within the state of Connecticut, in certain pockets. That's tough to say, but you've got to say it because it's true."

Most coaches would rather bite their hands off than risk offending high school coaches in their own state. But Edsall has called out at least some publicly, apparently feeling that is the only way to change the situation. It's a bold move but one a coach who's been at his school more than a decade can probably afford to make.

And thankfully, Edsall made a signing day news conference a lot less dry.