Friday Big East mailbag

Next week we'll dive into your reactions to my Top 30 list. Shocked at how many Armon Binns fans there are out there. Maybe he needs his own Facebook fan page. And feel free to send me more questions/reactions/comments about the list. It was fun to do and of course it causes much debate.

Anyway, let's get to some e-mails on other subjects as we wrap up this week.

Hurt-ner from Las Vegas writes: Your post on Tino Sunseri vs Pat Bostick: As an avid alum and fan I must disagree with you. Pat has been pounding the gym and has worked out his mechanics issues. I feel strongly that he will win the job and play very well. He was under center for two very historic games (West Virginia upset and at ND) The kid's a gamer give him some credit.

Brian Bennett: It's possible Bostick will win the job. I have heard good things about his improvement. On the other hand, Dave Wannstedt talked glowingly about Sunseri at his signing day press conference while mentioning Bostick in passing. Sunseri was the better quarterback in the spring and summer last year. And while Bostick did play quarterback in some big wins, he didn't play particularly well. Check out his stats from the win over West Virginia (10-of-19, 67 yards, two interceptions) and Notre Dame (14-for-27, 164 yards, one touchdown, three interceptions).

Curtis T. from Greensboro, N.C., writes: You recently talked conference realignment and its potential implications for the Big East. I maintain that the Big East needs to be proactive as realignment talks arise, and one prospect that I don't hear mentioned much is TCU. Granted, it leads to a liberal interpretation of "East," but simple definitions haven't stopped the Big Ten from having 11 or more teams or the Atlantic 10 from having 14 members hailing not only from states that don't touch the Atlantic but from as far west as the other side of the Mississippi.

TCU may have to travel via plane from DFW, but that's not difficult and it makes them no different in that respect from USF. TCU gets access to a BCS auto-bid, and the Big East gets the DFW media market (at least the households not wearing burnt orange) and a fertile Texas recruiting ground.

Brian Bennett: I think the Big East would love to have TCU, but right now I'm not sure TCU wants the Big East. The Mountain West is working toward an automatic bid to the BCS, and if that doesn't happen then TCU will be attractive to either the Big 12 or Pac-10 if there's a next wave of reshuffling.

C. Shipley from Frederick, Md., writes: In terms of conference expansion (Big East and others), what would happen if a selection committee determines who plays in the BCS bowls instead of conference champions getting the automatic bid? I know it is a long shot for the NCAA presidents ever approving a selection committee, but it seems to me that it would decrease the pressure on the conferences to become "superconferences." There would be less of a need to have conference championship games. Or is it the extra revenue of the conference championships games that are driving the expansion?

Brian Bennett: I'm a big proponent of a selection committee determining the BCS national title matchup and at-large bids instead of the current dopey polls-plus-computers formula, but not conference automatic bids. That should still be decided on the field. Expansion is a hot topic both because of the extra revenue from championship games and because of the potential for more TV market shares. The next round of TV deals is a huge motivating factor for all leagues.

Phillip W. from Newport News, Va., writes: OK, I know this will sound a bit crazy at first but it's an answer for the Big East. Old Dominion! They have a respectable middle to upper half of the conference basketball team. That will get better with Big East recruits. Their new football team will win be the next South Florida or UConn. Virginia puts together four of the Division II playoff teams every year! Hampton Roads is one of the largest economy in the US and has NO PROFESSIONAL TEAMS! This football team is staling recruits from VT, UVA, JMU, and half the SEC right now. They need a new stadium, but Big East revenue plus the city of Norfolk could probably handle that kind of investment. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Brian Bennett: No-brainer, eh? Well, it is at least a suggestion I don't think I've heard before. I'll, uh, leave it at that.

George from Raleigh, N.C., writes: You have often made mention of Rutgers' poor history of being unable to defeat WVU in I am not sure how many years. However, are there other team vs. team series in the Big East that are of similar stature? I know that there are teams for example that have been not had much luck against RU over the last several years. As much as Coach Schiano has made little of the WVU situation it has got to be perplexing for any coach!

Brian Bennett: West Virginia has won 15 in a row over Rutgers, the longest such streak in the Big East. The Mountaineers have a few of those one-sided series; they've never lost to UConn in six tries and have beaten Syracuse eight straight times.

As far as other streaks, nothing really matches that. Rutgers had won four straight against both Pitt and Syracuse before this season. Cincinnati has beaten Syracuse five straight times and South Florida four times in a row. The Bulls have never lost to Syracuse in five tries. Yep, the Orange are on the bad side of a lot of these, which shows how bad they were during the Greg Robinson era.