No more International Bowl

Shed a few tears for the International Bowl.

Who can forget such classics as South Florida 27, Northern Illinois 3; UConn 38, Buffalo 20; and Rutgers 52, Ball State 30?

Actually, shed no tears. The International Bowl is officially kaput after four year in existence, and the Big East went 4-0. Nobody ever really wanted to go north of the border for a bowl game, and the league usually crushed its MAC opponents.

The lone interesting game was the very first one, which Cincinnati won 27-24 over Western Michigan. That marked Brian Kelly's coaching debut and signaled that the Bearcats were about to take off. Other than that, it was a whole lot of forgettable football.

The new Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium will replace the International in the Big East's bowl lineup. And with a Big 12 opponent -- even a bottom-of-the-barrel opponent from that league -- the games should be more interesting. And you won't need a passport to go.

So, as another ESPN personality likes to say: Goodnight, Canada.