A look at spring game attendance

Here are the estimated attendances from the five Big East spring games this weekend:

Connecticut: 2,500

Louisville: 5,600

Pitt: 6,500

USF: 6,350

Syracuse: 4,750

And now here are some attendance figures from other BCS teams' spring games this year:

Miami: 10,000

Oklahoma: 16,481

South Carolina: 22,000

LSU: 22,710

NC State 25,370

Clemson: 27,000

North Carolina: 29,000

Michigan: 35,000

Tennessee: 35,800

Texas: 44,250

Florida State: 50,000

Alabama: 91,300

I understand that weather plays a big factor in attendance, and that conditions were pretty nasty at Pitt, UConn and Louisville this weekend. I also don't blame anybody for finding something better to do on a spring day than going to a glorified practice.

Still, these figures pretty much sum up the difference between the Big East and some of the BCS big boys. Fan bases are still evolving and growing throughout much of the Big East, but they still have a long way to go to match the fervor at some of the nation's most football-mad programs.