Rivalries we'd like to see in the Big East

On Monday, colleague Bruce Feldman listed the top four rivalriesInsider he'd like to see in college football. It was a fun idea, so I thought I'd piggyback off it for the Big East.

We've talked about a lot of these series before, and I think they're worth mentioning again because some of them make too much sense not to happen. Here's my list:

1. Pitt-Penn State: Feldman listed this as his No. 4 rivalry, and rightly so. The two Pennsylvania schools have not played since 2000 with no current plans to meet in the future. It's a travesty, really. Perhaps Pitt joining the Big Ten will finally get this series to resume, but it shouldn't have to come to that.

2. West Virginia-Virginia Tech: These two last met in 2005, and the former Big East rivals should be playing regularly given their proximity and shared success. For that matter, it would be good to see West Virginia play Virginia, which hasn't happened since 2002.

3. UConn-Boston College: Ill will from BC's move to the ACC has kept this natural rivalry from continuing. It will probably take new administrations on both sides -- or some sort of conference merger that reunites the two -- to get it going again. Northeast football is worse off with these two avoiding each other.

4. Cincinnati-Ohio State: This series is set to resume in 2014 following an eight-year hiatus. It would be great to see these two Buckeye State schools plays for bragging rights every year, especially if the Bearcats maintain their current level of performance. But it's unlikely that Ohio State would agree to a yearly series.

5. Louisville-Indiana: Hard to believe these schools have played only twice, and not since 1986. The Cardinals have long wanted to start a series with the Hoosiers, who have shown no interest in it. It's silly that Louisville is playing a nonconference game against Oregon State but can't get an agreement with the flagship university of the state that sits just across the Ohio River.

That's my top five. Which other series would you like to see in the Big East?