A look at spring game attendance

Does having a large turnout for a spring game mean your school's fans are the most loyal and passionate in the sport? Or does it just say that there was nice weather and not much else to do that day in your town?

That's a debate with no real answer. For sure, some spring games are more interesting than others, though just about all of them offer little more than vanilla play calling on both sides. Some teams don't even scrimmage that day or do so on a very limited basis.

With all that in mind, which teams drew the biggest crowds for their spring games? AL.com put together a list of the top 25 attendance figures at spring games around the country, and it's no big surprise that the SEC -- remember that thing about good weather and not much else to do? -- dominated the top 10. But Penn State had the second-biggest turnout in the nation, while Nebraska and Ohio State also cracked the top 10.

Here's the list from AL.com:

1. Alabama: 73,506

2. Penn State: 72,000

3. Auburn: 70,645

4. Tennessee: 68,548

5. Nebraska: 61,772

6. Ohio State: 61,058

7. Georgia: 46,073

8. Oklahoma: 43,500

9. South Carolina: 36,412

10. Florida State: 36,400

11. Florida: 35,834

12. Kentucky: 35,117

13. Clemson: 33,000

T-14. Arkansas: 30,000

T-14. Texas: 30,000

16. Notre Dame: 27,986

17. Louisville: 27,500

18. Missouri: 23,000

19. Mississippi State: 21,710

20. Texas Tech: 19,500

21. LSU: 18,565

22. USC: 17,500

T-23. Michigan: 15,000

T-23. Ole Miss 15,000

25. Boise State: 13,822

The list, compiled Saturday afternoon, is missing Michigan State, which had 35,000 at its spring game, and Iowa, which had 20,400. So slot the Spartans in at No. 13 and the Hawkeyes at No. 21, which would give the Big Ten six teams in the Top 25. Here's how the other Big Ten schools fared in their reported spring game attendance:

Rutgers: 11,500

Indiana: 9,200

Wisconsin: 8,204

Maryland: 8,139

Purdue: 7,125

Illinois: 5,100

Minnesota: 5,000

Note: Northwestern did not have a true spring game and did not release attendance figures for an open practice on its final day of spring drills.