Big Ten game-day traditions: Wisconsin

I've always been partial to Madison, Wis., ever since I made my first trip there in 2000. If you can't have a good time in Mad-town, there's probably something wrong with you.

But it's not just the town. Camp Randall Stadium rocks, literally between the third and fourth quarters of games. It's time to take a look at Wisconsin's game-day traditions. Illinois is up next, so send in your suggestions.

  • The Fifth Quarter: Thousands of fans will remain in their seats after home games to watch the marching band's extensive performance. Among the favorite songs played are "Beer Barrel Polka," "Hey, Baby" and "You've Said it All," also known as the "Bud song."

  • Jump Around: The House of Pain hit blasts through the speakers between the third and fourth quarters, and fans follow Everlast's orders as the stadium literally shakes. Even the visiting teams will sometimes get into the act.

  • Buttercup/Time Warp: Wisconsin's student section will sing along to "Buttercup" and do the dance from "Time Warp." If you ever check out a Badgers hockey game, prepare for an extensive rendition of "Roll Out the Barrel."

  • Pregame concert at Union South: An hour before every home game, the marching band performs at Union South on campus. The band plays "On Wisconsin" twice and several other numbers.

  • Varsity: At the end of the band's halftime performance, 80,000 fans wave their arms and sing the final lines of the school's alma mater, "Varsity."

  • The Wave: Much like Michigan's fans, Wisconsin supporters are known for The Wave and the creative versions they employ, usually in the second or third quarters of games.

  • Regent Street/Breese Terrace: No Big Ten stadium is woven into the city and campus quite like Camp Randall, which borders fraternity houses to the east and the famous Regent Street to the south. These areas are packed with fans before, during and after games.

  • Eat (Bleep)/(Bleep) You: This is a family blog, so I'll let you figure out the expletives for yourself. But the Wisconsin student section splits into two groups and trades insults during games. Hey, I don't make the traditions.


George from Crofton, Md.: Wisconsin Gameday Traditions- Pre-Game band concert @ Union South!! It really gets you ready for the game.

Adam from Madison, Wis.: Hey Adam, love the traditions blog and I saw UW was next. Be sure to include "the singing of our time-honored classic, Varsity."U-rah-rah Wisconsin!

John from Madison, Wis.: When you write up the 'Big Ten Game Day Traditions,' don't forget to consider The Fifth Quarter! It's one of the best times in college football with songs such as the Bud Song, Beer Barrel Polka, Time Warp, and Hey Baby. It's so popular that all of the songs get played at other Major Sporting events as well.

Steven from Madison, Wis.: Hey Adam. Just writing to inform you of some lesser-known UW traditions. I personally love the Wisconsin student section singing extended renditions of certain songs. Singing Buttercup at football games well after the music cuts out, 20 minute+ Roll Out the Barrel at hockey, and the Time Warp dance are all fantastic and don't get the attention they deserve.