Connor Cook: Hit was 'bad cheap shot'

Michigan State fans had to hold their breath last Friday night when starting quarterback Connor Cook took a hit low on his left knee against Jacksonville State.

Cook completed a pass for a touchdown on the play but was slow to get up. And he is also apparently slow to get over it, after he watched film of the hit by Jacksonville State's Folo Johnson.

"I thought it was a pretty bad cheap shot," he told ESPN.com. "I've seen a lot of hits, growing up, watching TV and stuff like that. I've never seen a hit like that, so low and so late. I thought it was a really dirty hit. But I'm glad things aren't as bad as it looked."

Cook didn't miss any plays and was nearly perfect in the 45-7 win, throwing just one incompletion to go along with 285 yards and three touchdowns before sitting out the second half. He said his knee was a little sore on Saturday but that all the pain is now gone. He's fully ready for this Saturday's game at Oregon.

"I'm so lucky, so fortunate," he said.

Johnson was called for a 15-yard penalty on the hit. A new rule went into effect this season designed to protect quarterbacks against low hits.